Reconnect 2011

The first Re-Connect GH event was held on December 28, 2011 in Accra, with the vision of deepening engagement and strengthening the connection amongst young professionals in Ghana and the diaspora.  The 2011 edition attracted dynamic group of over 100 professionals from USA, Canada Australia, UK and Europe with representation from major industries such as: oil and gas, law, engineering, finance, marketing, media, and technology.

Re-Connect captured so much of the potential of Ghana’s change-makers and professionals in one place, at one event. Many of the friendship groups and collaborations I’m involved in today, can be traced back to that evening in the Movenpick Accra
— Sena Kpodo
It’s very rare that we have opportunities to connect with our local peers and counterparts, and it provides for an amazing opportunity to collaborate and bring our worlds together.

I was really blown away by the amount of interest I received regarding selling my products in Ghana! It was the first time I even considered distributing in Ghana, and I felt very proud to get the support of other Ghanaians for my mission
— Rahama Wright, founder of Shea Yeleen International
There is no telling what great companies will arise when eager, capable and sharp minds reconnect at such events. The best part about all this was that there was unanimous goodwill, desire and willingness among the participants to contribute in diverse ways toward Ghana’s development.
— Andrew Akoto, Re-Connect 2011 Host